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Galactic Star Light
Family program

Energetically supports you and your family to stay empowered and feel balanced

Do you often notice any of the below emotions with your child(ren)?



Image by Hello I'm Nik







Does your child need:

jongen douche.jpg

Releasing of limiting emotions or vibrations

Bubbel meisje.jpg






Meditatie foto hartjesmagie.jpg

Inner peace



The Galactic Star Light frequencies family program can support your child's emotional well-being!

During the Galactic Star Light frequencies program, you and your child will


Release limiting emotions and vibrations 


Find inner peace


Embody your divine self


Daily feel empowered


Align with your

highest potential


Be your happy you

Galactic Star Light frequencies family program

What can you expect?


5  Galactic Star Light transmissions for daily empowerment

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1 Galactic Star Light release transmission 

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1 online Galactic Star Light family group session

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Powerful Galactic Star Light release and empowerment technique


5 Galactic Star Light transmissions for daily empowerment

The program consists of 5 unique upleveling star light frequency transmissions for every weekday.


Week days are the most busy day where we are immersed in every day life.  Every day life is not always that positive and therefore we daily need to clear our systems form any vibrations, thoughts, emotions and belief systems that are not in alignment with our divine uniqueness.


These sessions help you and your family daily radiate your most beautiful light.  

The +- 5 min audio sessions can be listened to before or during your (child's) sleep.

Galactic Star Light Release transmission

Weekend days are for vibrational and physical relaxation.  


When you need special assistance, the Galactic Star Light Release transmission wil help you stay in balance during the weekend.  


It is a transmission that helps as a “first aid” Galactic intervenience. 

The +- 9 min audio session can be listened to whenever needed.

jongen douche.jpg

1 Galactic Star Light family group session

During the Galactic Star Light group family sessions  you will receive a galactic transmission for your family.


Children are very welcome to join, however it is not a prerequisite that they are present.  


The universal frequencies are destined for your entire family and will support your partner and children in a divine way in alignment with their highest and greatest good.


During the session you and your family will be coached with the powerful Galactic Star Light Release technique. 

Next dates:

Saturday November 12th  from 5 to 6 PM CET (Brussels time)

Replay will be available

Powerful Galactic Star Light Release technique

This is a unique and powerful emotional release technique for every day use. 


The technique helps you and your children reduce any and all limiting emotions or frequencies that are not in alignment with your highest potential.

It helps you release anything that no longer serves you within a few minutes!

Bubbel meisje.jpg
Kopie van Galactic Star Light Release.jpg


Empowering Galactic Star Light Column

A guided meditation and transmission that helps you be in your empowering Galactic Star Light Column/temple every day.  


By listening to this transmission in the morning, you will experience a joyful, empowering and enlightened day, free of any overstimulation or unwanted frequencies. 

Happy Woman

Karen N.

After being severely depressed, my son listened to the transmissions during his sleep.  

The transmissions worked like a reset to who he really is. His true self!

  Harmony at home at last! Such a change! Simply fantastic! Our bond is also strong and loving again!

Woman in Office

Nathalie M.

The empowering Galactic Release technique helps my children and I stay centered every single day.

Whenever we feel out of balance we listen to the release transmission and feel good again.


Evi M.

Just when I was doubting myself , I got these Galactic messages from Kathy.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, very intense!

Thank you dear Kathy! I am stronger in life again.


Energetic coaching
Kathy Metdenancxt

★ Founder of Kiyashi
★ Creator of Hartjesmagie child meditation workshop
★ Creator of Shiny Kids Talent camp
★ Certified energetic coach and cosmic channel since 2005
★ Jip & Jan certified child meditation coach since 2016

★ Certified holistic child and teenagers coach since 2016

★ Certified child talent whisperer since 2019

★ Light language channel and Akashic Records reader and healer since 2021

Since 2016 I have been guiding children and young people as a holistic child and youth coach and children's meditation coach to more inner peace, self-confidence and awareness. ​


During the past 6 years I have energetically guided hundreds of children, youngsters and their parents to feel good about themselves and to feel empowered.


The Galactic Star Light transmissions for families have been channeled from source and contain powerful frequencies that help you and your family feel empowered in your daily life. The energies are very potent and bring you in alignment with your highest potential, resulting in a wonderful flow.

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